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Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine

Pick up a copy of Mantra, Yoga + Health magazine today! I am in it along with over 100 other yoga teachers from different cities. Find out how the Seattle yogis deal with stress, and why handstands help me calm down!


You can’t always get what you want

In certain aspects of my life, I am a total control freak. I hate being late or even on time. I am 99.5% of the time early. I don’t like the feeling of not knowing. Others prefer to live life going with the flow and taking things as they come. I envy these people. I WISH I could believe truly and whole heartedly that “everything will work out in the end”

There is a part of me that does believe that, but a louder part of me says “if you don’t do this or have this or be this, things will happen that you won’t like” and it’s scary to think you’re setting yourself up for some imaginary bad dream.

For me, it is so important to constantly remind myself: you have all that you need.