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Yoga with Hope Clunie


Hope Clunie is a yoga instructor in Seattle, Washington.

Hope has always been fascinated by the art of movement. She took dance classes for 10 years as a child, and taught herself to cartwheel and handstand before age 10. Her first yoga class was in 2003, and took to the physical practice immediately, due to it’s similarities to dance. She went to yoga classes throughout high school. Hope went to Skidmore College, in Saratoga Springs, NY, where she studied art, with a concentration in printmaking, and graduated in 2010.


June 2011- Hope’s first yoga teacher was Cathy Mann at the Yoga Studio in Millis, MA ( Nine years after her yoga journey began, she became certified to teach under Cathy’s instruction. She continued to learn and teach yoga in Seattle, Washington, where she has lived since September of 2011.

May 2013- Hope studied under Ana Forrest at the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in San Francisco ( During this intensive training, she gained a tremendous understanding and appreciation of the importance to be mindful and present as a teacher, in order to best support her yoga students. Since the training, Hope has been using the practice of yoga to heal herself on a deep emotional level, and is happy to discuss her process with any student interested.

September 2014- Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training at Two Rivers Yoga in Carnation, WA, with Ana Forrest and Kelley Rush.

2015- Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program in Berkeley CA with her mentors, Kiki Lovelace and Colleen Millen. This propelled her to becoming a more present and skillful teacher.

September 2016- Continuing Education for Effective Coaching and Teaching with Heidi Sormaz and Catherine Allen, Fresh Yoga, New Haven CT


Coming from a background in dance and art, as well as a background of depression and anxiety, Hope encourages students to explore feeling, both emotionally and physically, through movement and breath. Yoga is the practice of creating and connecting a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation, enabling us to be better supported when we have to face our deeper fears. Hope’s teaching is a guide to building that foundation, and maintains thoughtful sequencing and mindful intent in every class.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Hope is a trained printmaker and painter. She has a love for music, the outdoors, and her adorable one eyed dog, Sonny. (Follow Sonny on instagram! @sonny_the_shihtzu)

Hope teaches in the Seattle area and also offers private sessions. To find out more or schedule a private, e-mail:

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