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I am SO excited about this event because it blends one high ART form with another and presents an opportunity to observe how our minds and bodies react when purposely exposed to elements that stimulate your senses. While practicing yoga, one of the goals is to heighten the awareness of certain senses. Some senses we want to experience MORE (like feeling) other senses that can be distracting (like sound), we try to tune out as not to take us away from the intent of our practice.  

The teacher is Julia Greenway, my beautiful friend and one of the first people I met when I came to Seattle. We met in yoga class, obviously, and after class I noticed she had a saw on the back of her bike. I asked her what the saw was about and we discovered we shared another love: art! She was an art teacher at an after school program. This meeting was the start of our growing friendship and I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her that night. She has the most vibrant and happy energy and her laugh is loud and infectious. I am excited to see her project come to light. CHECK IT OUT! 

VIDEO//YOGA is a series of yoga classes taught side by side with video art; creating an immersive visual and yogic experience that activates and engages all the senses. **Register for evening classes:

Tuesday – Friday // Noon – 1pm

15th Ave NE & 41st Street, Seattle 

*free with gallery admission*



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