Resound Yoga

Yoga with Hope Clunie


Dance taught me there are many ways, some more graceful than others, in which your body can move. Yoga taught me the ways to move to heal myself. As a teacher, I guide my students towards a deeper feeling connection, and finding the edge in their own practice. The process of exploring your edge can help break through mental, emotional, and physical boundaries you have created for yourself, most often subconsciously. We all have some form of emotional conditioning resulting from previous experiences, and yoga is one way to question and eventually change those conditions. I teach yoga because of my belief in the healing process which takes place through practice.

The idea behind RESOUND is to practice yoga in a way that  fills your entire being, like an echo fills the sky, or music fills a room. Practice is healing, making muscles and bones stronger, the body more flexible, and self-awareness of the body more apparent. You will have a greater ability to focus and begin to grow into what is most valuable in your life.

Yoga is a journey you will take your whole life. Let that journey be filled with moments of beauty, fueled by love, and don’t forget to breathe!

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